Somebody as Anybody – Attack Formation

Somebody as Anybody - Attack Formation Artist: Attack Formation
Album: Somebody as Anybody
Release Date: September 6, 2005
Duration: 33:05
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
Recording Location: Koenig St; Sweatbox

Attack Formation want your undivided attention with this rather odd opening entitled “Station Id,” a spoken word track that seems to be on the brink of a heavy hip-hop track.

Instead, it leads into a wall of guitar during “Pearl Snaps” that is garage rock through and through, with the lead singer wailing away with his voice. Think of the Strokes listening to the Replacements after one too many cases of beer. But they aren’t just all about hard rock, as “Russian (Glacier Song)” is a hard dance beat number with quirky, angular art rock hues. Not as polished as Gang of Four or the Futureheads but still well worth a listen.

The songs are not for the radio-friendly listener, as each one is quite challenging, including the hard rock, Jane’s Addiction-ish “Go_to_Ten!.” The retro-dance groove of “I’m Buried Alive” is perhaps the most accessible, resembling bands like Controller.

Controller before it ends with a bolero or flamenco finish. However, they fall flat with an “emo” approach on a bombastic “Waiting for America.” The surprise of the record is a rapid, Cure-like precision to the ’80s-synthesized track “High Noon,” which also includes appearances by DJ Shadow and A.

F.O. It is a very enjoyable song worth repeated listens. The audible breaths between lyrics on “Running Fire Thru Yr Mind” are annoying and the track suffers from it while it dies a slow, miserable death.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Station Id Attack Formation 0:50
Pearl Snaps Attack Formation 1:44
Russian (Glacier Song) Attack Formation 3:48
Go to Ten! Attack Formation 1:33
I’m Buried Alive Attack Formation 3:16
Waiting for America Attack Formation 4:01
Release the Lions Attack Formation 5:45
High Noon / DJ Shadow Attack Formation 4:13
Running Fire Thru Yr. Mind Attack Formation 7:27
No(w) Outro Attack Formation 0:28

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