Snapp, Krack’l, Popp – Lil P

Snapp, Krack'l, Popp - Lil P Artist: Lil P
Album: Snapp, Krack’l, Popp
Release Date: July 26, 2006
Duration: 46:01
Genre: Rap
Title/Composer Performer Time
So Perfectly Lil P 4:52
Mad About You Lil P 2:46
I’ve Only Known You a Moment Lil P 5:29
Though I Don’t Even Know His Name Lil P 5:52
I Wish That I Knew Magic Lil P 4:41
You’re My Favorite Dream Lil P 4:59
I Thought I Knew About the Blues Lil P 3:39
Why’d You Do It? Lil P 2:11
Just in Case You Change Your Mind Lil P 2:35
Pull out Those Dreams Lil P 4:29
Here I Go Again Lil P 4:28

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