In Concert – Danny Gatton

In Concert - Danny Gatton Artist: Danny Gatton
Album: In Concert
Release Date: April 15, 1997
Duration: 01:05:19
Genre: Country, Pop/Rock
Styles: Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly Revival
Recording Date: September 9, 1994
Recording Location: Birchmere, Alexandria, VA

The performance captured on In Concert 9/9/94 happened less than a month before Danny Gatton’s death, and from the sound of the album, it’s hard to believe he was in a deep depression. Gatton’s playing is incendiary and fiery, an extended display of sheer virtuosity, and the songs are consistently better than his studio albums, which were hampered by filler.

Similarly, the studio polish of his albums tended to obscure how dazzling Gatton’s pure, unvarnished talent was. That’s not the case with In Concert 9/9/94, which positively sizzles. It might not be the best way to become acquainted with the guitarist — after all, it doesn’t show all of his versatility (the jazzier numbers are noticeably missing) — but for fans, it’s one to cherish.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Intro/Sunnymoon for Two Danny Gatton 6:55
Land of Make Believe / Chuck Mangione Danny Gatton 7:52
Blues Newburg / Danny Gatton Danny Gatton 16:41
88 Elmira / Danny Gatton Danny Gatton 4:40
Secret Love / Sammy Fain / Paul Francis Webster Danny Gatton 10:03
Apache/Surf Medley Danny Gatton 4:18
Caravan / Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan Tizol Danny Gatton 7:01
Linus and Lucy / Vince Guaraldi Danny Gatton 2:22
Orange Blossom Medley / Ervin T. Rouse Danny Gatton 5:27

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