Arthur Honegger: Symphonies; Mouvements Symphoniques – Fabio Luisi

Arthur Honegger: Symphonies; Mouvements Symphoniques - Fabio Luisi Artist: Fabio Luisi
Album: Arthur Honegger: Symphonies; Mouvements Symphoniques
Release Date: 2000
Duration: 02:55:33
Genre: Classical
Styles: Symphony

One always hopes that the next Honegger cycle will do it, that someday, someone will make a set of the five symphonies of the Swiss composer that carries the conviction of true believers, performances that will make the case of his greatest as a symphonist to rank with Prokofiev or Walton. But while there have been some great single discs, especially Ansermet’s and Münch’s, which show it can be done, neither Baudo, Dutoit, nor Plasson could record a complete cycle that makes the case for Honegger.Fabio Luisi and the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande almost do it — they really do believe in Honegger’s greatness and they clearly mean to bear witness with the best performances they can muster. But there are three things standing in the way of their success. First, Luisi is a fine conductor with balance and drive, but he does not plumb the depths nor scale the heights of Honegger at his best. Second, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande has been playing Honegger’s music for as long as there has been music by Honegger to play and it obviously loves and reveres it but it is still not much more than an earnest provincial orchestra. Finally, there is Honegger’s music, its unique but sometimes eccentric themes, its propulsive but sometimes sluggish rhythms, its odd but sometimes wayward structures, its occasionally astonishing visionary episodes but sometimes vulgar tunes and gaudy colors. While there are moments of great and beatific beauty in these performances — the close of the Symphonie Liturgique rivals the close of Mahler’s Tenth in sublime calm — there are minutes of sheer banality — the trumpet theme in the finale of the Second rivals Shostakovich’s Second for sheer schlock.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Pacific 231, symphonic movement for orchestra (Mouvement symphonique No. 1), H53 Fabio Luisi 6:29
Rugby, tone poem for orchestra (Mouvement symphonique No. 2), H67 Fabio Luisi 7:47
Mouvement symphonique No. 3, for orchestra, H83 Fabio Luisi 11:38
Pastorale d’été, symphonic poem for chamber orchestra, H31 Fabio Luisi 9:08
Symphony No. 1, for orchestra in C major, H75
1. Allegro marcato Fabio Luisi 6:04
2. Adagio mesto Fabio Luisi 10:04
3. Vivace, non troppo – Presto Fabio Luisi 7:43

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